3 Things To Expect When Hiring A Tutor in Hong Kong

1. What you expect from your tutor

Communication with your tutor is the foundation to academic accomplishment. At the beginning of each session, explain to the tutor the areas which are problematic and that you would like to focus on. They may have their own study plan for that session, which should complement the knowledge learned in class that week. Spend the first few minutes of each session revising topics from the previous study session, and clarify points which are unclear or confusing before progressing to the next level or subject. Have your tutor explain how your current session is an expansion of the last lesson, and how the information correlates.
Your tutor will be used to many different styles of teaching and will tailor his lesson to suit your learning style. Finding teaching jobs in Hong Kong 教學工作 香港 can be difficult so each teacher will strive to do their best when they find private students. Your tutor will also progress at a level you are comfortable with, and will be accommodating if you begin finding it hard to keep track. Don’t be afraid to let your tutor know if you are confused or if you don’t need much help in a specific area. Your tutor will challenge you, but at the beginning they will try and gauge your ability and may give your homework or quizzes in order to accurately assess this.

2. What your tutor expects from you

Your tutor will have several expectations from you. They will expect preparation for a session, for you to have fully revised and learned material from the previous lesson and bring all necessary learning aids with you. A student who comes to class prepared will progress quicker than a student who is not prepared. As Hong Kong tutors 香港 補習老師 re often working to strict time limitations or must travel to meet a student, it is polite to show up to your session on time, or better still, slightly early. As this is your tutor’s career, inform them if you are running a little late or if you are unable to make an appointment in advance. Failure to notify the tutor, and repeatedly arriving late or not showing up at all, may result in your tutor cancelling all future meetings. If seeking help with your homework from your tutor, always attempt the task before class, and get help only with aspects you are completely stuck on, as a tutor will not complete homework tasks for you.

3. Understanding Private Tuition

Private tuition exists as an extension to learning outside of the classroom environment. A tutor and teacher or professor will never, or very rarely, communicate to discuss a student’s abilities. Private tuition is an opportunity to clarify and help a student understand or improve in areas which are difficult in class. Occasionally, private tutors may extend a student’s abilities and learning beyond what is required of them for their school classes or lectures, coursework or exams. Hiring a tutor in Hong Kong 補習老師 香港 is that little extra required to push grades up and earn that coveted university spot.