What to Do in Jamaica

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. There is constant sun, warm water, white sand, and all of those combine for an incredibly relaxing time. The food here is delicious, the music is fun, and the people are quite fast. That last one might just pertain to Usain Bolt, but oh well! Another cool thing about Jamaica is that you can find cheap flights. Flying to Jamaica is probably the best bet, given that its an island and all. Jamaica has some of the best beaches in the world but that isn’t all its good for. Here are three things that you can do outside of relaxing on the beach.

Go to the House Where Bob Marley Lived

Possibly the most iconic person from Jamaica is Bob Marley. He was a musical genius and legend that spoke about nothing but peace. His philosophies and outlook on life still influence people today. Marley was raised in Nine Mile, a small village on the island. His house is still standing and you can take a tour through it. The house is adorned with reds, greens, and yellows in true Rastafarian fashion. One of the coolest parts of the house is that after his death, many of his dedicated fans went to his house and inscribed messages to him on the walls. He was also buried on the grounds and mausoleum was built in his honor.

Dunn’s River Falls & Park

If you visit here you can do something that sounds pretty crazy. You can climb up a waterfall. This may sound crazy and dangerous but in reality it isn’t that tough. It isn’t a powerful water fall and you won’t be scaling a facade. It is closer to walking uphill through rushing water and climbing rocks. But be warned, the rocks are slippery and you do need to be cautious. If you feel that you can’t make it up to the top that is ok. Theres a wonderful park around the falls and a beach at the bottom of them that you can relax at. There is also food and shops all over that you can spend the day shopping in and eating at. The people in the shops are ruthless and will try and sell you everything they can at the highest price, barter with them if you want anything.

Blue Mountain National Park

This is a park on the eastern edge of the island. There are incredible views here that people would travel all over the world to see. The peak of Blue Mountain is over 7,000 feet up, making this no cake walk. Many hikers go into this trek with food, tents, and a sleeping bag because they will normally take up to three days to complete this hike. Pack accordingly because the higher you get the colder it gets and the less it starts to feel like Jamaica. But once you reach the top, all of the burn from the trek and the cold weather becomes worth it. You can find tours that will take you up the mountain by foot or by bike. This is a good idea if you aren’t fully experienced because the last thing that you want to do is get lost in the mountains of Jamaica. See what plan would be best for you and have paradise the way you want it!