Top 5 Things to See in China

Welcome to China, a vast country with an extraordinarily rich history and culture. Stretching from South-East Asia, to Tibet, up to the south of Russia where you can take amazing Trans Siberian Railroad Tours. For anyone looking to immerse in a fascinating culture and see a wide variety of sights, China is a great destination. It spans thousands and thousands of miles, so it’s best to plan beforehand what you’d like to see. Wendy Wu China Holidays are a great way to plan your trip and get around the country seeing many of these 5 great sites:

The Giant Pandas in Chengdu

Animal lovers, you won’t want to miss a trip out to Chengdu in the Sichuan province. About 85% of China’s wild pandas currently live in this region, and here you will find the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. The people here focus on increasing the wild panda population and educating the public about this amazing animal. You’ll see around 20 giant pandas roaming freely there as well as the nursery facility where the babies live. Check out the great museum on the grounds to learn more about these creatures.

The Great Wall

China’s most famous monument, the Great Wall winds for over 5,500 miles across China and was constructed over 2,000 years ago. It’s a fascinating sight to see in this country. The Great Wall is most easily visited from Beijing, where you can access it by tour bus or car hire. The Badaling section of the wall is the most popular for visitors as it is closest to the city.

Hangzhou- China’s “Paradise on Earth”

About 125 miles from Shanghai, Hangzhou is one of China’s smaller cities- and it has a population of 6.6 million! This city is known as “Paradise on Earth” because it is very green, filled with gardens, trees, beautiful temples and historic winding streets to explore. It’s a very laid-back city surrounded by rolling hills which grow green tea.

The Forbidden City

In the center of Beijing is the Forbidden City, the famous museum that’s a must-see when in China. It’s actually been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. Anyone interested in history will love visiting this site built by the third Ming emperor in 1406, which was then ruled by 24 successive emperors until 1911 when the Qing dynasty fell.


China may be well known for its massive and modern cities, but you shouldn’t miss a chance to experience it’s incredible nature as well. Jiuzhaigou Valley is a beautiful nature reserve in the Sichuan province, showing how varied the landscape of China can be. From crystal blue lakes to roaring waterfalls, rolling hills and quaint Tibetan villages, you’ll get a true taste of rural China in its true and natural beauty.