The Best Benefits Of Skiing

When you first start out in the sport of skiing it can be a little daunting but thrilling at the same time. Why do people love skiing in the powder so much? How do people not freeze to death when they sit on a chairlift all the way to the top of the mountain?

People often don’t take the first step because they are put off by expensive passes and huge queues for lifts. There is a never ending list of the benefits that come with skiing and millions of reasons why you really need to take the leap and try it out this year.  DSC09652-683x1024

Here are the best benefits of skiing:

You’ll Feel Happier

Skiing in Whistler will definitely make you feel happier.  I don’t have any evidence that skiing does make you happier (it makes everyone I know happier) but I do know that there is a lot of research to show that nature makes people happy. During winter if you weren’t outside on the slopes you would most definitely just be cooped up at home. First-Time-Skier-FAQ4-768x512

Challenge Yourself

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to be vulnerable isn’t exactly how most people would choose to spend their time. People feel a little embarrassed when they’re complete beginners and sharing a slope with the kids, yes it is humbling but no one else cares because they see that you are challenging yourself.

Challenging yourself is important to improve yourself and is a good way to keep focussed. I know that as my confidence grew on the mountain other parts of my life started to improve too.

You will be using your body in ways that you haven’t done before so you’ll be challenging your fitness too. So you will make yourself stronger and healthier, this will have an impact on your mental well being too. That is one hell of a benefit!


Meet New People

When you go skiing it doesn’t matter if you hit the slopes alone because there are lots of other people just like you who are stepping outside their comfort zone – so you’re all in the same boat, they are just as keen to meet new people as you are. When you meet up with a group of strangers to ski for the day it’s awesome, everyone is buzzing about the day ahead and it is the ideal time to make new friends. I know several couples who found love on the mountains, through a group meeting or just on the chairlift!