Reasons I Keep Going Back: Antarctica


There are many great reasons to visit Antarctica and no blog post could ever fully describe how amazing it is to travel there, but I thought it would be cool to give you a little taste of what it is actually like to visit this amazing place. I am going to start by saying that visiting there has changed my life and view on beauty, I hope you find this article interesting and hope it makes you want to go there to experience it to.

The land and seascape

After taking a cruise ship from Argentina to Antarctica you start to get a feeling for the land and seascape of the end of the earth. You can see ice as far as the eye can see and the Antarctic landscape is covered by it, it can also be as thick as 1.6 kilometres, which is just unfathomable. The ice and its formations are some of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen in my entire life. The icebergs and the ice in the water also makes for an amazing scene. The icebergs in particular are something that you cannot describe until you really see on up close and personal. The sheer size is unbelievable and it is so strange to think that you are seeing only a very small part of it!

The feeling of adventure

Of course the feeling that you get when you are there is completely unlike any other place I have been on the entire earth. Somehow you have this thrill because you are treading somewhere where very few people get to go to. There is a sort of bragging right that you earn when you go to Antarctica, but this atmosphere that you feel when you are there is absolutely serene. There is a sort of calmness about the landscape and with very few other people around it is certainly a rare sight.

The wildlife

The wildlife makes the long trek from Argentina to Antarctica totally worth it and it really isn’t hard to see why when you actually get to experience it yourself. It is such an amazing thing to see penguins up close and personal. I find their attitude and nature very interesting, especially for creatures that live in such an isolated place for half the year. Naturally you would think that they would be wary of humans, but it isn’t the case at all. This is a very strong contrast that makes me very curious. I also love seeing all the other wildlife that Antarctica has to offer, in particular the whales and seals. These are an interesting creatures that most people don’t have the opportunity of seeing. Aside from this there are a huge number of other bird species that are great to see against the Antarctic landscape and the wildlife is something that I really enjoy seeing.