How to Become a Private English Tutor in Hong Kong

Education is highly valued in Hong Kong. It stands to reason that parents and students alike are willing to spend a decent amount of money on extra instruction and learning. An educated person who is considering a career in tutoring to earn a little extra money should have no problems getting started as a tutor in Hong Kong.

Step 1

Make sure that you are legally allowed to take on extra work. Prospective tutors on a work visa will need permission from immigration before beginning part time work. People in Hong Kong who are not citizens must be very careful how they approach tutoring as a second job. A little research will help with this and using a tutoring service will reduce the chance of you getting into trouble.

Thorough examination of the rules and regulations of their visa must happen before taking on the first tutoring student. To begin tutoring without doing this runs the risk of having a visa revoked, so plan accordingly.

Step 2

Once the legalities are out of the way, becoming a tutor will involve pitching your skills and talents to potential students. Look around at other Hong Kong tutors and what they are charging. If some extra income is your goal, the price per session should reflect that. A tutor who prices well below the going rate will be seen as less qualified unless things are planned carefully.

Looking on Hong Kong Craigslist will reveal people offering tutoring in a myriad of subjects for the $60 an hour range. However, good native English tutors charge much more than that because of their language mastery. $80 – $120 an hour is a fair range for one-on-one sessions. Yet, this depends on a lot of things including your target market and experience. There would be far more English teachers than English+maths teachers. Having more skills in your arsenal will help you out when looking for work. Job agencies like find a tutor can make the process really easy and take away the stress of looking all over for students and tutors.

Step 3

Getting the word out is the next step. The internet is the most effective form of advertising alongside word of mouth. Placing ads in supermarkets, newspapers, and leaving flyers or business cards where they can be found is also a good way to spread the word.

Step 4

The tutor must be careful not to overstate their abilities. If a native English speaker wants to become a tutor for students needing English as a second language, they must be careful if they are not an experienced tutor. They can state that English is a native language for them, but to promise more will halt a tutors business in its tracks. Play to your strengths and you will succeed.

While it is not a simple process, becoming a English Hong Kong tutor can be a viable source of income. If the tutor goes through the appropriate legal channels teaching others the English language can be a very fulfilling pursuit. With the number of people wanting to further their education, there will remain a need for quality instructors in Hong Kong.