My Guide To Traveling the Caribbean


There is nothing quite like visiting the Caribbean and everyone should go if they get the opportunity. Luxury Caribbean vacations are the best way to enjoy this fantastic part of the world and I wanted to talk more about traveling to here and the best way to go about doing that. I hope you enjoy this article about one of the greatest holiday spots on the entire planet.

When to go

This always seems to be question number one when it comes to traveling to any destination, but generally there are three factors: weather, cost and how crowded it will be. Let’s look at each of these factors below:

  • Weather – The weather, in my opinion, is the best between December and April, especially because it is dry with little humidity and the nights are a little cooler. During summer and Autumn you tend to experience more humid conditions and the temperatures are warmer. However there is more rainfall during this time, which may tend to put people off. Between June and November is the hurricane season and this is not the best time to go. It is important to note that different islands tend to be more or less hurricane prone compared to the others and this is something you should look at when deciding specifically where to go.
  • Cost – The peak season is between December and April, which coincides with the best time of the year. Things will be more expensive during this time, but this could be worth it in terms of how perfect the conditions are during this time.
  • How crowded – During the peak season, naturally the hotels are quite full during this time. This is generally because many people in the northern hemisphere are looking for a place to beat the cold during the winter months.

Based on this it could be a great time to visit during May as things are less crowded, less expensive and the weather is still very good. This will depend a lot on your own schedule, but I would try to travel during this time.

The islands

There are so many island nations in the Caribbean and you are not likely to visit them all in one trip, but each has its own special features. All the islands tend to have some picturesque beaches and waters, but it will all depend on what type of holiday you want before deciding on which ones to actually visit. My favourites are Jamaica (probably my most favourite), Grenada, Barbados, the Bahamas and St Lucia.


We already talked about the great beaches and waters that each island tends to have, but some other great things to do are:

  • Hiking – places like Jamaica have some stunning nature, so hiking is well and truly possible and very rewarding.
  • Scuba diving and snorkelling – because of the tropical marine life there is a great possibility to see tropical fish, colourful reefs and other amazing sea life
  • Food – Caribbean nations are a very big mix of cultures and they have some amazing food as a result of this. I personally love eating seafood here because it is amazingly fresh. Jamaican food is probably my favourite with its wide range of beautiful spices.