Five Tips to Make You a Savvy Backpacker

If there’s one thing that can open your eyes and your soul it’s travel. From immersing yourself in a completely different culture to challenging your resolve through being forced to communicate without a common language, travel has the potential to help you grow. If you love the idea of travel but are a little strapped for cash, here are some great ideas to help you be a savvy backpacker.



Trains, Train, Trains

When it comes to traveling through various countries, and even crossing borders trains are going to become your very best friend. If you have a good idea about where you’re wanting to go before you travel, look around for a travel pass that covers your entire area as opposed to buying individual tickets on the fly.


Watch your money – literally

Just because you’re an honest traveler doesn’t mean that everybody else in the world is – so watch your money. Keep the bulk of your money hidden or if possible in a bank account that is accessible through your travels. If you must take cash, methods such as an under clothing pocket or fanny pack are both great ways to keep your money secure as you travel.


Cook for Yourself

When looking for accommodation throughout your travel hostels are going to be your obvious choice, however, they aren’t all created equal. Look for hostels that not only offer free breakfasts each morning but can provide kitchen and basic cooking facilities for yourself. Instead of eating out, find some local recipes and get to the grocery store. You will be surprised how much money this will save you.


Take Only What You Can Carry – and Then Take Less

Despite the name backpacking, people tend to forget that it’s a literal term – meaning you will be carrying a pack on your back. So make sure it’s as light as possible. Apart from only taking the clothes, you absolutely need, take advantage of Groupon coupons from stores like Birchbox where you can get most of your personal products in travel sizes. Additionally, their packaging is often purpose-designed to help you get through international security smoother, also.


Take a Small Power Pack and Keep It Charged

There’s nothing worse that looking out at a beautiful view that you climbed hours to get to only to realise that your phone or camera a battery is empty and you don’t have a way to preserve the memory. Before you travel, get yourself a handy and small extra power pack to carry with you which you can use to give your gadgets a boost during those vital times and moments.



Don’t let a tight budget get you down or ruin your travel plans, just be smart and pay attention. But above all – enjoy!