Five Free Things to do in London

Traveling can always get expensive. This is the crux of every traveler. The best thing a traveler can run into are great deals and dare I say, free things. Free things in the sense of attractions and ways to spend the day. You need to save your money for important things like food and beer at the pub. London is labeled an expensive city because it is, but there are some great free things, you just have to know where to look.

1 Tower of London

Every 30 minutes a Yeoman Warder in a funny costume gives a free one hour tour. This happens every day. You can get a look inside the ever old, yet interesting Tower of London. Get inside one of the most famous landmarks in the world for absolutely nothing! And if you look into it, you can also see the Ceremony of the Keys for free. This is the ceremony that takes place each night to lock the Tower up.

2 Convent Garden

This is the home to some of the best street art and street performances in the world. All of the artists are licensed to perform, which means they must be good. Street artists are some of the most talented yet under appreciated artists in the world. Swing by Convent Garden to show some appreciation. This is also where the Borough Market is. A great place to grab some delicious food.

3 The British Museum

Maybe the coolest free thing that Britain has to offer. The British Museum has artifacts from all over the world from all different times of the world. This is the only place other than Athens that houses sculptures from the Parthenon. It also is the home of the Rosetta Stone, yeah the thing were translations originated from. Those are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the museum. You could easily spend days upon days inside this free attraction.

4 The Bedford

If free live music is your kind of thing, then you need to swing by the Bedford. This giant pub has free live music four nights every week. Although most of the acts are new artists trying to build a following, you may get lucky and see the next big thing. Some acts that have come out of their in the recent past are names like KT Tunstall and James Morrison. One Sunday every month they host an afternoon acoustic set for everyone burnt out from Saturday night.

5 Walking Tour

There are free walking tours that take travelers around the city for a few hours to see all the big sites. Tours can last for three or four hours. You see more than you ever could’ve on your own. The walking tour will take you past Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Parliament Building, the Tower of London, and anything else you could think of that is on the main London visitor hit list. All the guide asks for is a tip at the end if you want to give one. Its a great resource for travelers where you can see a lot in a small amount of time.

London is also super accessible from all over the UK. Almost every airport will fly there and they make everything as easy as possible. Airport parking can be a nightmare but in some places, like parking at Birmingham airport and airport parking in Bristol, can be cheap and easy. Its the perfect way to start your London holiday off right.