Exciting Ways to Travel in Off the Beaten Path Destinations




The Caucasus Mountains offer an exciting opportunity for trekkers to explore hidden off the beaten trails while indulging in the vibrant culture and the fascinating history of this region. The scenic beauty is stunning and the rugged landscape is enough to make your jaws drop in admiration.

A holiday in Georgia is a great way to start the tour. Enjoy walking at the very heart of the Grand Caucasus Mountains and camping in the high pastures of the Russian border. You will also enjoy visiting some of Georgia’s most impressive sites and indulge in the embrace of unrivalled Georgian hospitality.

From Kazbegi you can begin your adventurous ascend up the Caucasus through beautiful lush valleys and forests to the Gargeti Trinity Church on top of the mountain. You will enjoy spectacular views of the Tergi river valley and the picturesque village of Juta.

Rise above the village of Juta before ascending to the top of Tetu Peak and walking through the white rhododendron fields and white flower meadows; the views are breathtaking.

You can fly to the Caucasus with anyone from BA to Gulf Air, so there’s no reason not to hit the road now and see this amazing area of the world.


Discover the best of Amazon by embarking on a fun filled cruise down the mighty waters of the Amazon River. Enjoy the stunning rainforest, the unspoilt culture and the splendid wildlife. This is one of the few parts of the world that still remains unsullied by modern human activities.

Take a luxurious Amazon river cruise, allowing you access to hidden treasures of the Amazon jungle while still enjoying rare luxurious comforts in the jungle. The choice of luxury ship is entirely yours to make because the variety is unbelievably wide and stunning.

Explore the waterways of the flooded ‘Mirrored Forests’ of Piccaya Samiria National Reserve and learn about the traditions of the native riberenos on your visits to the banks of the river.

Be daring enough to glide down the jungle streams in a kayak or via skiff and spot some rare marine life such as the pink and grey dolphins, piranhas, scarlet macaws and get a glimpse of the saki monkeys.


It is hard to say no to a holiday on a paradise island that you may have just discovered; you may just be surprised at finding yourself in a solitary island with beautiful beaches and spectacular flora and fauna much like an episode in ‘lost’.

Discover the magical Surin Island of Thailand. The area boasts of extraordinary chiseled rock formations which create a great spectacle as they seem to jut straight out of the Andaman Sea. The nearby Phang Nga Beach may have won its place in the James Bond classic movies but the unspoilt Surin Islands which consist of five islands are exotic and take adventure lovers to a greater level.

The entire archipelago is a chain of National Parks so you expect some interesting wildlife. It is also famous for its pristine coral formations which makes it a suitable place for scuba diving and get to see the rare purple corals and spectacular marine life. Enjoy the fine sandy beaches and the lush green vegetation.